Qualifications you need to possess to avail the air hostess course

Along with the right qualities such as patience, perseverance and being sociabl

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How to be the best in air hostess training institute in Kolkata?

If you are looking for good pay and the best career options where you can join in to explore

How is the air hostess course useful?

     Air hostess course is one of the best career

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How does the air hostess training institute in Kolkata groom you?

Being in the field where you have to have the patience of a hulk and perse

All about the Airport ground staffs

Airport ground staff course in Kolkata is provided in most of the airline institutes. The candidates who are struggling to achieve a position in the airline industries may go for the Ground staff job. The work of a ground staff

Interesting facts about Cabin Crew job in Air

An air hostess career looks very glamorous and promising. Young girls find the job very high-profile as they dream of flying high in the air and get paid for the same. Though a cabin crew job is very fascinating, it comes with a

How to become a Flight attendant?

A flight attendant is the male member of the cabin crew who has to perform the responsibilities same as an air hostess does. Many cabin crew training companies are providing flight attendant course in addition to the air hostess

Opportunities for a cargo staff

If you are looking for an opportunity for jobs in airline but are unable to chance upon flying high, then there are some good jobs on the ground as well.There are many lucrative cargo training courses in India that provide you w